Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So I'm three weeks post-op and my first big outing is to Staples to make copies of the line edit for Until I Found You.  My husband was with me, but he headed to Walmart while I went for copies.  Should have been easy . . . I have money on my Express Card and about 220 pages to copy. 

How hard could it be . . .

Harder than you'd think.  Copier #1 jammed every ten pages or so. About 70 pages into this, I'm sweating, fatigued and ready to throw my hands in the air.  I switch to Copier #2 -- same thing. Jamming, low on paper. I'm thinking, "Okay, it's the ms paper. I have to get through this." Or maybe it's humid and the paper is just sticking. Either way, I need these copies.

God bless the store manager who came up to me without me asking. "I bet you're ready to throw this thing through the window."

"Just about . . ."

She restarted the copier, added paper, and the last 120 pages went through the machine like a dream. 

Whoever this manager is, THANK YOU.  You have know idea how much you helped a battle weary author at a rough moment. 

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