Saturday, November 30, 2013

Not a TV Person But . . .

I've been recording Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and watching them after my husband goes to bed or during the day when my body demands a rest.  Cheesy?  Yes. Corny? Yes.  But I tear up at them, enjoy the romance, and celebrate the Happy Ever Afters.

In general, I watch very little television.  I just can't get into it except for American Idol (though it's pretty old now) and Dancing With The Stars (mostly because a friend watches we enjoy critiquing).  As for horror flicks and TV series, I just don't need the gloom and doom in my head. Cheesy or not, Hallmark movies are real for me.  No one's life is perfect, but neither are we doomed to misery and suffereing. If I never see another end-of-the-world type show, I'll be happy.

I wonder . . . what's the attraction?  Why do viewers enjoy the gore and the fear?  What makes some of his Hallmark fans and while others are fans for horror films? 

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