Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Website

I can hardly wait!!!!  After five years, I'm trading in the cowboy boots on  for something modern and upbeat.  I loved those boots. They were a perfect fit for my old westerns, but I'm even more excited about doing something new.

Colors?  I can't decide between bright and cheerful, or subtly passionate and evocative.

I like red and gray together. Kind of odd, but it's looks great on the screen.

My favorite color is turquoise, but it's kind of blah on a screen.

I buy books with pretty landscapes, but I hear that readers like people on covers.  Do I put my new photo on page one or just with the bio?

The book pages need to be organized by the type of book, since I have mainstream westerns, inspirational westerns and an inspirational contemporary.

I like sites with a clean, readable look.  The faster, the better.

"Behind the Book" tabs always get my interest.

I'm sure there's more.   Aiming for October 15th for the big unveil . . .


  1. Good luck with your new venture, Vicki! I know your new book will be great since you are such a fantastic writer! I'm sure it's a leap of faith but it'll turn out just fine :)

    1. Thanks, Valri! It was definitely a big risk to switch from westerns. I needed the change, but I've got ideas for westerns too!