Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This n' That

I have a decision to make . . . Do I go with a custom designed website, or do I play here on Blogger and do it myself?  I love being hands-on, but there's something wonderful about big, glitzy, well designed website. 

So . . . I'm experimenting for a few months.  I'm going to try this on for size and see how I like it. 

I have awhile . . . my next book comes out in May 2014, so the plan is to give this try and see how I like blogging regularly.  I'm thinking of a schedule . . . maybe 3x a week. 

Monday:  Books & Writing

Wednesday:  Spiritual Rambling

Friday: The Hartley Chronicles

Hartley's our Jack Russell/Beagle mix and he's uniquely entertaining.  How many dogs do you know who are afraid of beeping cell phones?  We're talking terrified . . . like cringing and slinking under the bed.  Poor baby.  One of the things we love about Hartley is that he's so much like us and God.  We think we're hiding, but we're not.  We're terrified of things that aren't the least big threatening when we understand them. 

Let the experiment begin!

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