Friday, April 11, 2014

My Husband Finished Reading The Book

I walked through the door yesterday with shopping bags in hand.  There was no sign of my husband, so I checked the back patio where the likes to read, relax and smoke an occasional cigar.  There he was with Until I Found You in hand with about 20 pages left to read. He looked up with so much feeling in his eyes--good feelings--that I melted right there.

"Honey, this is great," he said. "You nailed it . . . just nailed it."

Yep, I got teary. Even better we talked about the book and he gave me new insights into the story. In a way, every reader completes a book when he or she reads it.  The parts my husband particularly liked were different from my favorite parts, which tells me the book is well rounded and speaks to people on different levels. 

He picked up a lot on the corporate world, and how Kate handles problems so decisively. As for the romance, it's definitely not his thing (no dead bodies, mysteries to solve, or crimes to avenge), but he picked right up on the relationship and the differences in how men and women communicate.  Kate talks a lot more than Nick.

Maybe best of all was his reaction to the spiritual questions that Kate and Nick both ask.  "It's authentic," he said. "Very real world."  Hooray!  That was the goal . . . to write a book about a modern day woman on a spiritual journey that leads to faith in Jesus Christ. 

So that's the end of this little story.  I hope readers everywhere enjoy the book and see at least a sliver of themselves in Kate and Nick.

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