Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Husband's On Chapter Ten

I was up late last night following the UK basketball game.  Basketball isn't my sport of choice, but you have to respect the local team, especially when they've done so much.

So I was still awake when my husband said he was going to bed so he could read some more of my book.  "By the way," he added. "I'm on Chapter Ten. It's good."  It's not his genre of choice, so I take that as high praise.

He's enjoying it, but I have to say, it's a strange feeling to have someone who knows you inside-and-out read a book you've written. You know the saying, "Write what you know?"  That applies to internal conflict as well as external plot and setting.  There's a lot of me in Kate--her insecurities, where she's vulnerable, that determination to hang on and keep all the balls in the air--but she's still fictional.  So is the entire story. And yet . . . it's real to me.

Kate's faith journey is a lot like mine. More on that later!


  1. Love this! And yes, if you live in Kentucky, pretty much anywhere except Louisville, you just have to support the cats. I think it's a state law or something ;)

    My hubby doesn't read AT ALL except his Bible and an occasional article about his favorite sports teams. But he made it through my completed book (unpublished), and was reading the start of my next one last night. I call that a supportive husband :)

    1. When we moved here, a friend told us we needed to learn just one phrase and we'd fit in. The phrase was: "How 'bout them 'Cats?" It works! Your husband sounds like a wonderful guy :)