Friday, April 4, 2014

The Disappearing Author

Yes, that's me.  I vanished into my fictional world and didn't have the good manners to at least post a note here, or maybe leave some bread crumbs to facebook.  Those short snippets are easier to keep up on.  I'm on Twitter too, which has proved to be an adventure in distraction.  The odder the news story, the more likely I am to click on a link.

Oh, well. Distraction seems to be the theme for 2014!

But I'm back and there's all sort of book news.  I just sent the Influencer List for Until I Found You to Bethany House.  Books will go out later this month.

Publishers Weekly gave the story an awesome review. This is my favorite line:  "Deftly handling the faith element, she brings an authenticity to Kate’s search and Nick’s steadfastness that will resonate with readers, regardless of their religious persuasions."
That was the goal!

And last, I finished the ms for the next book . . . The deadline was a major crunch, but it's done and I'm getting back to a regular routine.  If there is such a thing!

Hope you have a good weekend!


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